4 thoughts on “To Gene, From Steve

  1. As they say, smokin’. I saw them a few times around this time, they were always hot, but my fave was at a festival in the Poconos. Echoing off the hills. Here’s Marriot with my boy JT and Phil Lynott:

  2. There was a period of my young life when I loved Humble Pie, and “I Don’t Need No Doctor,” was the ace. It is a great song, always a great performance, always a wonderment about that the hotel chain ranks higher than the singer. Have this:

  3. On the “Rockin the Fillmore” album, right before this song starts you can hear someone shout “doctor!” My friend Michael Alix always swore that was him. I was a little young at the time, and not allowed to go to concerts. I had to sneak to the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester so I could get home at a reasonable hour. Most of the bands that played the Fillmore also played there, but I missed some great ones. Now I’m sad.

  4. ok, so i am slow getting caught up with shit.

    but, well, i waxed on long enough before about how much i LOVED Marriott as the real singer for the Faces, easily one of my all time fave Brit bands (with the Who and the Kinks).

    and, i was a Pie fan (introduced to Frampton that way).

    this is all great shit!

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