1970? Are You Kidding Me?

1) If I’d have heard this back then when I was nine, I’d likely be dead or in jail now.

2) Give me some of whatever Wayne Kramer is on.

3) Kramer’s second guitar solo is probably my favorite cliche rock solo riff of all-time. If every guitar solo had those arpeggios in it, I wouldn’t mind. For you youngsters out there, learn that technique and you will instantly sound HOT!!!

3 thoughts on “1970? Are You Kidding Me?

  1. So, part of the story of this raw primal music involves not necessarily being able to play, necessarily, but the MC5 could play. The Stooges could play. The Modern Lovers could play. On and on. It’s a great clip.

  2. Yeah, they could all play. I think the secret is being able to sound as if what you’re playing stretches you to the limit of your capabilities. That makes the difference between rocknroll and hack work.

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