Now I Wanna Be Your Doggie

Lawr mentioned this in an email, I went searching and I couldn’t resist posting.

1) Is that kid Dennis The Menace?
2) Never knew that verse about chasing robbers away.
3) Get a load of that crazy ending. I thought she was going to start stripping during the last few seconds.
4) This is better than “Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay” and “The Stroll” put together.

5 thoughts on “Now I Wanna Be Your Doggie

  1. nice Steve. the kid does look like Jay North (too old, though), i never heard the robber lyrics, and yeah, the end is tres bizarre.

    but…i will bet if your shuffle was stuck on loop, and you heard patti page (did i mistakenly attribute to teresa brewer?) endlessly, into the third time your ipod would be airborne, while it might take 5-6 times for the stroll, and maybe towards the end for till it will stand.

    what weirds me out is that this was top 40 pop music the kids all loved in like 1954. i actually remember this being played on the radio when i was a toddler. “this old house” and “goodnight irene” and “a little bitty tear let me down” too.

  2. “This is better than ‘Rocknroll is here to Stay’ and ‘The Stroll’ put together,” that’s just perverse. It’s not better than “Feelings” and “Honey” put together. But I wouldn’t call it THAT sick a society, Peter, just a lot of war-weary grandmas.

    BTW, I didn’t want the songs to be all pre-British Invasion, I just mentioned that that was how the oldies station did it, and apparently did not communicate that I wanted an all-time list. But I don’t mind.

  3. I remember this song as one my dad would sing to my baby brother when I was a very little kid. However, he sang “How much is that doggie in the window? (ruff-ruff-rest),” not “How much is that doggie in the window? (rest-ruff-ruff).” No wonder I’m so screwed up.

  4. I was thinking that we should make that categories narrower: So this first one would be Pre British Invasion Meta Rock. That let’s in Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay and the Fly, but not 16 Candles.

    And then the next battle could be something completely different: 1990s songs shorter than two minutes, or whatever.

    And so on.

    Stuck at 3-2, let’s declare It Will Stand a winner, and ask Steve to nominate a Pre British Invasion song that’s about rock and/or rock dancing by making a post with a clip.

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