12 thoughts on “Enough Talk. . .Action!!!

  1. Howard Stern on piano is a bonus. For some strange reason the bass player always reminds me of you, Peter. Maybe you can grow your hair like that for TOUT this March.

  2. i dunno. it is tuneful. and tight enough. but, long hair and getting on your knees is not so far removed from poison, is it?

    i mean, it is ok.

    nice guitars. nice riff. competent enough

    but nothing that i see or hear says “hey look at or listen to me” in the way that jake bugg tune did.

    maybe i am just old.

    or to quote joe sheehan, “sigh.”

  3. Righto Tom. I did mean to note how great a lefty player looks. Gives this natural symmetry to the look and balance on stage. And, a lot of times those lefties are really good (Eliot Easton, Freddy King, Paul McCartney).

  4. You’re right, Lawr. Not much difference between this and Poison. In fact, this afternoon, I’m going to pass on the Godiva truffles and have some dog shit instead.

  5. Yeah, well, I will bet a million bucks there were people at Poison concerts saying exactly the same thing as Moonchild and meaning it.

    That’s the conundrum.

    Got a piece in my head on it. Trying to keep it around 1000 words with a point is the problem.

  6. So, let me ask, do you think anyone ever quoted Moonchild at a Joni Mitchell concert? I’d safely say no. I can save you the article and conclude by saying, there’s good rock ‘n’ roll (Hellactopers), bad rock ‘n’ roll (Poison) and not rock ‘n’ roll (Joni Mitchell). Tie a nice big bow on it.

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