15 Shuffle Songs

One goal of the exhausting essentials series was to show where our musical tastes overlapped here at Remnants HQ. In the coming days I’ll be posting the songs from each of our lists where we didn’t overlap with anyone, but I was reminded today of a Facebook meme from a couple of years back called 15 Shuffle Songs. The instructions were:

(1) Turn on your MP3 player or music player on your computer.

(2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.

(3) Write down the first 15 songs that come up–song title and artist–NO editing/cheating, please.

Back then I went to my recent history in iTunes and found this list, which does show the breadth of stuff I listen to:

Bob and Marcia, Young Gifted & Black: 60’s pop reggae

Elvis Costello and the Attractions, You Bowed Down: Rock

Marvin Gaye, Poor Abbey Walsh: R&B

Bob Wills, Stay a Little Longer: Country Swing

Liz Phair, Perfect World: Indy singer-songwriter

Augustus Pablo, Skanking Dub: Dub reggae

Daby Balde, Halaname: Senagalese singer-songwriter

Mavis Staples, Down in MIssissippi: Gospel R+B great covers Dylan

Tricky, Overcome: UK hip hop (though I know that’s not what it’s called)

Impossible Shapes, bombs: Neo psychedelic folk

John Fogerty, Rambunctious Boy: Classic rock solo

Neko Case, Maybe Sparrow: Singer-songwriter indy rocker

Tabu Ley Rochereau, Lily Mwana Ya Quartier: Classic afro pop

Hank Jones, Ray Brown & Jimmie Smith, My Ship: Jazz

Foo Fighters, Exhausted: Rock

So, when this list popped up because of the new Facebook page layout, I thought it might be a good conversation starter here. The only problem is that I now use five different collections of music: There is iTunes on my computer, as well as Google Music and Mog streaming service. Plus on my phone I have a selection of songs in the music app, and a connection to my Amazon purchases, which allows me to stream anything I ever bought at Amazon. And on my iPod I have another collection of songs.

I’ve been listening to the Amazon collection on my phone most recently, so I thought I’d pull from that for my 15 Shuffle Songs.

Beck, Blackhole: Indie rock from his major label debut, which strongly suggests the lush music he would go on to later.

Leonard Cohen, A Singer Must Die: Classic Singer-Songwriter from his evolutionary New Skin for the Old Ceremony.

Kanye West, Say You Will: Hip Hop Pop par excellance from the initially underrated 808s and Heartbreaks

T. Rex, Christmas Bop (1975): Their Christmas greetings special release.

Rolling Stones, Memory Motel: Classic Stones.

Beck, Loser: Classic Beck, the song that broke him big.

Rolling Stones, Stray Cat Blues: Classic Stones grinding blues leer. It may not get better than this.

Eddie Head and His Family, Down on Me: 20s Country Gospel from a fantastic compilation called American Primitive.

John Hicks, Day Dream: Jazz.A fantastic pianist plays Billy Strayhorn.

Elder Otis Jones, Holy Mountain: More 20s Country Gospel from American Primitive, which doesn’t have the greatest sound, but is still very listenable.

Jens Lekman, Julie: Great Swedish Singer-songwriter mixes tunefulness with shaggy dog storytelling and excellent writing.

Ray Charles, I Can’t Stop Loving You: R&B  star goes Country enjoyably.

John Hicks, Lush Life: More Hicks plays Strayhorn.

Baka Beyond, Spirit of the Forest: New age world music pablum. I’ll push Next before I hit delete.

Nick Lowe, Withered on the Vine: Pop genius rebirth as singer songwriter genius,

Now it’s your turn.

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