Songs of the Week – You Will You Won’t & Confusion, The Zutons

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A few months ago the SotW was by the La’s, from Liverpool. Today’s SotW is by another Liverpool band, The Zutons.

The Zutons first album, Who Killled… The Zutons?, was released in 2004. I read a review of it in the British magazine MOJO and knew instantly that I would be something I’d like. That figures – the album did pretty well in the UK, reaching as high as #9 in the charts. Here in the US? Nada. Except that one of the album’s songs, “Pressure Point”, received some notice when it was used in a Levi’s ad. Check it out… it’s pretty funny:

The Zutons – Pressure Point Levi’s Coomercial

Their next album, Tired of Hanging Around (2006), did even better reaching #2 in the UK. Two of its singles charted at #9 – “Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love” and “Valerie”. Some of you might be more familiar with “Valerie” from the terrific cover version recorded by Amy Winehouse.

The band managed one more release, 2008’s You Can Do Anything, but not much has been heard from them since. That’s a shame.

As is often the case, one’s favorite album by a group is the first one you heard. For me that’s Who Killed… ?. I was planning to pick one song and then send you to Spotify to listen to the rest of the album. But for some reason Spotify only offers Tired of Hanging Around. So I’ll indulge and present a couple of songs.

“You Will You Won’t” is a foot stomping, party sing along and it opens with a pretty cool Hendrix inspired guitar squeal.

The Zutons – You Will You Won’t

“Confusion” opens with a simple bass line that’s reminiscent of Roy Orbison’s “Blue Bayou”. It’s a bittersweet ballad that features amateurish, but “just right” sax honks by Abi Harding.

The Zutons – Confusion

As you can tell by what’s been presented in this post, the band covers a lot of stylistic territory — and you’ve just scratched the surface. I wish you could also hear their theme song, “Zuton Fever”, and others. All and all, this is a fun, energetic record that you can listen to over and over again. It doesn’t get old.

Enjoy… until next week.

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  1. They have that pop-rock style that they love on that side of the water, and very few bands succeed bringing to the US. My first comp was Arctic Monkeys, though these guys seem poppier, which makes me think Housemartins. And isn’t that bassline that starts Confusion from Under the Boardwalk?

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