For Peter K

When I posted my top 20 Albums of All-Time, Peter was particularly affected by “More Specials.” And, bless his heart, later I found out he’s listening to the Queens “Rated R.” Thank you, Peter. Thank you. This is for you. Yes, The Specials version is much better, but I like this. Kind of like Metallica doing “Wire Out” by Supershit (which they should).

2 thoughts on “For Peter K

  1. It’s hard not to be taken in by her voice, and her surprisingly welcoming eyes, though it seems on this one that a lot of her shall we say fluid phrasing was the result of having to read the lyrics.

  2. Yeah, teleprompters must be great on stage. I never had one. I’m more taken by her twisting skinny legs in the short skirt. The fact that she’s not drinking a bottle of water on stage is very rock ‘n’ roll as well.

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