Extra Song of the Week – The Further Adventures of Nick Danger, The Firesign Theatre

I just learned that Phil Austin of the Firesign Theatre has passed away. He was 74. Although the Firesign were not musicians, they’re brand of comedy epitomized the spirit and culture of Rock ‘n Roll.

When I was in college, my roommates and I listened “The Further Adventures of Nick Danger” (and all of their other routines) endlessly. We knew and could recite the dialog by heart.

I brought one of their films (Everything You Know is Wrong) to campus and once did a 4 hour Firesign marathon on WZBC (Boston College radio).

I also finally got to see the group perform at Boston’s Orpheum Theater, I think it was the late 80s (could have been early 90s). They were great sports, letting the audience recite all of their most popular lines.

Since Peter Bergman died in 2012, the Firesign Theatre is down to two. That is sad news.

RIP Phil (Nick Danger) Austin. You will be missed.