Song of the Week – Suzette, Foster & Lloyd


Back in 1983 I was living in Boston and my girlfriend (now wife) was working for an ad agency as a media planner. Her position had the side benefit of receiving invitations to lots of cool events and I was lucky to be her “plus 1.”

That summer WBOS surprised the people of Boston by converting from an adult rock station to a country music format. (In the early 80s Boston was NOT a hotbed for country music.) They celebrated the switch with a party at the Aquarium that included live music by some of the top country music acts of the day. We were invited.

I remember Dwight Yoakam on stage performing for an audience of one – me. Later Reba McEntire took the stage as men in women in business suits munched on shrimp and drank cocktails, oblivious to her presence. I wish I could remember the rest of the acts that were there that evening.

Watching these people perform up close gave me an appreciation for their talent and caused me to pay more attention to country music for a few years. That included acts like Randy Travis, Ricky Scaggs and Rodney Crowell.

Another, lesser known group I followed was Foster & Lloyd. Today’s SotW is “Suzette” from their 1989 album Faster & Llouder.

Radney Foster & Bill Lloyd’s style of music is a country tinged version of power pop — a close cousin to the music of Marshall Crenshaw who makes significant contributions as a guest on the album.

“Suzette” chronicles a couple in a dysfunctional relationship of constant fighting and making up.

Suzette, I get so upset about us
We keep fighting we keep falling in love
All the games we play we always regret
Let’s forgive and forget, I love you Suzette

Today, country music is more popular than ever, even in urban areas. I don’t really follow it anymore but I did listen to Sturgill Simpson’s great 2016 album A Sailor’s Guide to Earth.

Enjoy… until next week.