Song of the Week – Something I Don’t Recognize, Beachwood Sparks

Ignored           Obscured            Restored

Back in 2000, Beachwood Sparks released their self-titled, debut album.  The band was the idea of guitarist/vocalist Christopher Gunst and bass player Brent Rademaker.  Their concept was to make psychedelic Americana – but before the term Americana had been coined.  Gunst and Rademaker hooked up with Aaron Sperske (drums) and Dave Scher (guitar) to produce a terrific album that is still very enjoyable to listen to, well more than 20 years after its original release.

Take, for instance, “Something I Don’t Recognize.”

This cut is in the mold of The Notorious Byrd Brothers era Byrds music – all jangly guitars and trippy, psychedelic flourishes with a hint of country.  If they were to take the country flavor out, you might think this was an outtake from a Dukes of Stratosphere album.

Take a listen to the rest of Beachwood Sparks and their sophomore release, Once We Were Trees (2001), to hear some terrific, underappreciated tunes.

Enjoy… until next week.