Song of the Week – Scarlet, The Rolling Stones

Ignored           Obscured            Restored

In 2019, The Rolling Stones released a 50th Anniversary edition of their classic album Let It Bleed.  It came in a variety of multi-format packages but had no alternate versions or outtakes.  What the hell was the purpose of that?  As great as that album is, how many copies do we need?  That reeks to me of a money-grabbing rip off.

Fast forward a year to 2020 and the group released a “Super Deluxe” boxed set of Goats Head Soup (1973).  Now this one was done right.  It has a remixed version of the original album on one disc.  A second disc has rarities and alternative mixes including three previously unreleased tracks.  One of them, “Scarlet,” is today’s SotW.

Devoted Stones fans have always heard rumor that there was an unreleased track that features Jimmy Page.  Well, here it is!  Of “Scarlet,” MOJO magazine said: “A mesmerizing groove, propelled by three interlocking guitar riffs, this bafflingly-shelved gem points towards the crunching ‘80s Stones of Start Me Up.”

A third disc contains a previously unreleased, complete concert — The Brussels Affair recorded live at the Forest National Arena in October 1973.  Goats Head Soup has been underappreciated.  This set proves that it is worth reevaluation.

Enjoy… until next week.