Song of the Week – I’m in Love with My Car, Queen


Today is the 40th anniversary of the release of Queen’s classic album, A Night at the Opera. Everyone is most familiar with the first single from the album that also happens to be their signature song, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” But for those of you that have been reading the SotW for a while, you know I’m not going there. Instead, let’s listen to the b-side, “I’m in Love with My Car,” which was written and sung by the band’s drummer, Roger Taylor.

As the story goes, the song was written for Johnathan Harris, one of the group’s roadies, who was a car buff. (A note on the album cover says the song is “Dedicated to Johnathan Harris, boy racer to the end”.)

I always heard the song’s reference to an automobile as a metaphor for a woman, combining two of the most popular subjects in rock ‘n’ roll, cars and girls. But hey, what do I know… maybe I just have a dirty mind.

Enjoy… until next week.