Song of the Week – It’s My Show!, Broken Baby

Ignored             Obscured              Restored

Broken Baby is an LA based band that plays their own version of post-punk, power pop.  The band is led by guitarist Alex Dezen and Amber Bollinger on vocals.  Max Diaz (bass) and Garrett Henritz (drums) round out the foursome.

The band’s sense of fun reminds me of the early B-52’s.  They’ve validated that viewpoint by making a recording and video cover of the B-52’s “Private Idaho.”

Today’s SotW is “It’s My Show!”, a feminist declaration of freedom over the entitled bro culture’s attitude toward women.

Fill my glass to the brim with a shit Bordeaux
You wanna know my sign, sure it says stop bro
No Patrick Swayze you ain’t gettin no ride
I’m not looking for the time of my life
With enough candles on my cake you can watch me blow

This is music for fans of Blondie and the aforementioned B-52’s.  You can dance to it, but it will also make you think.  I’ll be following this band.

Enjoy… until next week.