Song of the Week – Round the Bend, The Tubs

The Tubs are a Welsh group of indie rockers.  Their lead singer, Owen “O” Williams, has a timbre that sounds like Richard Thompson, and their music falls somewhere between the guitar jangle of R.E.M. and Real Estate.

Their 2023 album, Dead Meat, received high critical praise – and deservedly so.

My choice to expose you to them is “Round the Bend.”

Williams’s favorite subject seems to be his mental health.

I think I’m losing my mind
For good this time
I think I’m going round the bend
We’re losing again

A pain in the arse
Alone, alone and a lot to ask
But here I go
Another manic episode

He recently told MOJO “I get a sick enjoyment out of finding the most embarrassing aspects of myself, my dirty laundry, and airing it in public.  I have OCD, and that’s often based in weird shame, so there’s some therapeutic effect in sharing things like that.  Doing it within a pop song where the melodies are nice brings a little joy to it, at least.”

Enjoy… until next week.

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