Song of the Week – Now That Everything’s Been Said, Spring

In 1972 an eponymous album by Spring (later called American Spring) was released.  The group consisted of the duo Marilyn Wilson (Beach Boy Brian’s wife) and Diane Rovell, who along with Ginger Blake were The Honeys in the ‘60s.

Spring’s album received critical praise but sank like a stone in the charts.  The album consisted of mostly covers – “Tennessee Waltz,” “Mama Said,” “Superstar” – and a hand full of originals provided by Brian Wilson, including “Good Time.”  “Good Time” began as a candidate for the Beach Boys’ Sunflower album (1970) but didn’t make the cut.  The backing track was tossed over to Spring to add vocals for their record.  The song was eventually released by the Beach Boys on their 1977 disc, The Beach Boys Love You.

But the best song on the album is their cover of Carole King’s “Now That Everything’s Been Said.”

“Now That Everything’s Been Said” was the title of the album released by King’s band, The City, in 1968.  (The City was a subject of my post on November 13, 2021.)  Like Spring, Now That Everything’s Been Said also failed to connect with the public despite critical acclaim.

The song “Now That Everything’s Been Said” would have fit nicely on either of King’s Tapestry or Music LPs.  It is a piano based song that bounces along like a kid on a pogo stick.  It has a pleasant melody and lyrics about a lover that picks up and leaves unexpectedly.

Spring isn’t available on Spotify, but you can hear the whole album on YouTube.

Enjoy… until next week.

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