Song of the Week – Open the Door, See What You Find; High Flying Birds

Ignored             Obscured              Restored

Noel and Liam Gallagher are the brothers behind the massive success of Oasis.  Noel wrote the songs and played lead guitar.  Younger brother Liam was the front man on lead vocals.  Much like the Kinks’ Davies brothers, the Gallagher brothers could never get along, so Oasis is no more.

Both have gone on to form new bands – Liam has Beady Eye and Noel, High Flying Birds.  Neither of those groups has ascended the heights of Oasis, but both have produced some fine listening.

Take, for example, “Open the Door, See What You Find” by High Flying Birds.

This track fits the mold of many of Oasis’ greatest hits.  It pays homage to The Beatles and ‘60s psych without sliding into parody.

Last May, Noel told NME:

“Lyrically, the premise is that, at a certain point in your life you look in a mirror and you see all you’ve ever been and all you’re ever going to be,” he explained. “It’s about being happy with that. Being happy with where you are in life, with who you are, and where you’re going. Life is good!”

And to put a little icing on the cake, “Open the Door, See What You Find” features an appearance by The Smiths’ Johnny Marr on guitar!

Enjoy… until next week.

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