Song of the Week Revisited – Find Somebody, The Rascals

Ignored            Obscured             Restored

On Thursday, December 15th, we lost the great drummer for the (Young) Rascals, Dino Danelli.  His New York Times can be read here:

In tribute to Danelli I’m reposting a SotW I first published on June 21, 2008.

In the mid 60s, The (Young) Rascals epitomized the genre that was to become known as “blue-eyed soul.”  Naturally, we associate them with a slew of Top 40 hits beginning with “Good Lovin’” and running through “Love Is A Beautiful Thing”, “Lonely Too Long”, “A Girl Like You,” “How Can I Be Sure” and their #1 summer smash, “Groovin’”.  Most of these also made the R&B charts.

But few are familiar with some of the garage/psych cuts buried deep in their albums.  This weeks’ song, “Find Somebody”, is from their 1967 album Groovin’.  Check out the fuzztone guitars, Eastern influenced chords (all the rage in the “Summer of Love”) and exploitation of the early stereo “ping pong” gimmick (listen on headphones).

This is a very cool song.  Enjoy.  Until next week.

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