Song of the Week – Chaos Space Marine, Black Country, New Road

Ignored            Obscured             Restored

One of the contemporary bands I’ve been grooving to lately is the British band Black Country, New Road.  The seven-piece band (4 men and 3 women) has a sound that fits somewhere between ‘70s progressive rock, Gang of Four styled post-punk, and Arcade Fire-like anthems.  (You can throw in some jazz influences too.)  But what would you expect from a band that features the traditional two guitars, bass, and drums – but then mixes in keys, violin, and sax?

Their debut album – For the First Time – was released last February and contains the entertaining “Athen’s, France” and “Science Fair.”  A couple of weeks ago they released their newest single, “Chaos Space Marine.”

Chaos Space Marines are characters in the popular wargame Warhammer 40,000.  Not being a gamer myself, there’s not more for me to share on the subject.  (I just like the music!)  But I can only imagine that some of the lyrics directly tie into the game:

So I’m leaving this body
And I’m never coming home again, yeah
I’ll bury the hatchet
Between the window, and the kingdom of men
Oh, I’m becoming a worm now
And, I’m looking for a place to live, yeah
Here I come now

The single is an advance on the band’s sophomore effort, Ants from up There, which is scheduled for release in February 2022.  It should be good!

Enjoy… until next week.

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