Song of the Week – Fadeaway, BoDeans

Ignored            Obscured             Restored

BoDeans formed in 1980 when high school friends Kurt Neumann and Sam Llanas decided to get serious about their music and write songs together.  They were initially called Da BoDeans.

By 1985 they had a recording contract and were in the studio recording their debut album with star producer T-Bone Burnett.  Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams (1986) took its name for the lyrics to The Rolling Stones “Shattered” and contained the FM radio hit “Fadeaway.”

BoDeans roots-rock sound on this album is simple and slight, but very catchy.  The guitar interplay and vocal harmony overcome the thin, repetitive lyrics to make the song a very enjoyable listen.

Unfortunately, around 2010 things went bad between Neumann and Llanas, with some very ugly allegations of misconduct.  Llanas quit the band and Neumann has continued the band without him.

Enjoy… until next week.

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