Song of the Week – When the Stars Go Blue, Ryan Adams and The Coors w/ Bono

Ignored           Obscured            Restored

This week marks the 13th anniversary of the SotW.  Thanks to all for your faithful support and encouragement after all these years.

It’s happened again!  A coincidence that prompts me to write a SotW post.  This time for “When the Stars Go Blue.”

I recently read Elton John’s 2019 autobiography, Me.  In one of the final chapters, he mentions how much he likes and respects the music of Ryan Adams.  Comparing his album The Big Picture (which Bernie Taupin hated) to Adams’ Heartbreaker, John reported:

“I’d been listening to Ryan Adams’ album Heartbreaker a lot.  He was a classic country rock singer-songwriter, really – I could imagine him onstage at the Troubadour in the seventies.  But there was a toughness and a freshness about it that did make The Big Picture sound weirdly dated and staid.”

Around the same time, I read an article in Far Out titled “From Bob Dylan to The Beatles: 8 songs horror hero Stephen King couldn’t live without.”

Adams’ “When the Stars Go Blue” was on the list.  And it is a fabulous choice!

I think Adams’ recording is spectacular, but many of you may be more familiar with the version by the Irish family band, The Coors, that also featured Bono.  That version is awesome as well.  You can’t beat a great song!

When the band I’m in, Rockridge Station, was formed over 10 years ago, “When the Stars Go Blue” was one of the first songs added to our repertoire.  And there’s a good reason.  You can’t beat a great song!

Enjoy… until next week.

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