2 thoughts on “McCoy Tyner died last week.

  1. Definitely not rocknroll but nice. Caught him at the Village Vanguard around 1975 and really enjoyed it. I might have posted this before, but it’s my kind of modern jazz because it’s structured and comprehensible to me, as late Coltrane is not.

  2. Hmmm. Wonder why Live is in quotes?

    Late Coltrane works a different palette. Amazing explorations that I’ve waded into, but this quartet is the total shit. I remember reading a profile of J. Geils Band about the time that first or second record dropped, and they were all over Coltrane. Not for obvious stylistic reasons, but because this music is straight up honest and direct and weirdly obvious. It all works, thanks to this incredible band. Of which McCoy Tyner was a member.

    I saw Tyner a few years later than you Gene at the Blue Note. Beautiful show, but this Coltrane quartet is great. Hadn’t heard this “Live” disc before.

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