The Left Banke, Walk Away Renee

Singer Steve Martin Caro has passed. Read an obit.
I spent a couple of days in Miami back in the 70s with a friend, visiting a woman who said this song was written about her. I had my first Cuban sandwich that week, too. I’ve always wondered why it wasn’t the Lefte Banke? EDIT: This Wikipedia entry suggests my friend’s friend wasn’t being truthful. Or was mistaken.

7 thoughts on “The Left Banke, Walk Away Renee

  1. Great tune – another one that’s still begging to be covered by Bryan Ferry. There are very few unique songs, everything comes from something else and/or leads to something else, but this one has no obvious antecedents or successors. Even the Left Banke never even tried that I know of, and with a Top 5 hit you know the pressure was on to imitate it. The Four Tops covered it well a few years later but didn’t quite capture the melancholy.

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