Wicked Lady, Run The Night

I don’t really know how I found this. I think it was a story about girl rock bands from the 60s, though when I found a short biography of the band it was quickly clear that these were blokes in this band. These were Englishy blokes who got together in 1968 and quickly had a following of bikers who discouraged club owners from booking the band. After too much drinking and too many drugs they broke up, then reformed with a new bass player and recorded their songs, which were then pressed in a very limited run for band members and their families. They seem to have had a bad attitude, they reportedly played the same song over and over again at one gig until the owner threw them off the stage, and once again broke up, this time for good. All this biography is from a page at AllMusic.com. At some point a compilation of Wicked Lady’s song was released by Kissing Spell Records, which is when the band went from anonymous bangers to psychedelic revival candidates. One of their newly found fans created this excellent home made video on YouTube in 2012. You can find their tunes on Google Music and Spotify. In the end, it looks like Wicked Lady is kind of immortal.
Another home made video for this song.
Seems that the music is now licensed to YouTube by a Spanish record company called Guerssen.

2 thoughts on “Wicked Lady, Run The Night

  1. Good song bad recording. It’s got plenty of the speeded up Black Sabbath that hadn’t happened yet, or maybe was just starting to happen. Also something like our boys the Pink Fairies who hadn’t happened yet. Wicked Lady was influential!

    My dear friend and bandmate Nick D’Amico tried to talk us into not only playing a set of the same song over and over, but introducing a different song each time. Then after the set say “we’ll be back later with the same song.” Then in the 2nd set we would play different songs, but introduce them as if they were the same song. I was the guy doing most of the stage jabber and I didn’t do it. Now I don’t know why. I should have.

  2. Totally nutty idea to play the same song over and over, and glad to hear it wasn’t isolated.

    I find the Pink Fairies so much more ur than Sabbath, but Wicked Lady was there too.

    And yes, bad recording, but recording for an audience of 10 reminds us that the audience isn’t only mass.

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