Song of the Week – Blend, Sandy Bull

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Today’s SotW is one of the most challenging I’ve ever posted.  I know it’s not for everybody, but the SotW wasn’t started to share hit songs that will be liked by the greatest numbers of people.  It was created with the goal of bringing new and different music (Ignored Obscured Restored), that I find worthwhile, to open-minded music lovers – that’s YOU!

So, what do I have up my sleeve?  How about a 22-minute instrumental excursion through Eastern and Western musical styles, by just a guitarist and a jazz drummer?

Today’s SotW is “Blend,” by Sandy Bull, from the 1963 album Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo.

This largely improvised piece covers a range of genres, including classical, folk, jazz, raga and psychedelic rock.  It has been reported that Steve Winwood has given Bull some credit for leading Traffic toward its psychedelic roots.  That also leaves me wondering if “Blend” may have provided inspiration to Jimmy Page for Led Zeppelin compositions like “Kashmir” or “In the Light.”

The drums were played by jazzman Billy Higgins, whose best work was in collaboration with Ornette Coleman.

Did anyone make it through the full 22 minutes?  If yes…


Enjoy… until next week.

One thought on “Song of the Week – Blend, Sandy Bull

  1. I bought this album back when it came out and I was totally mesmerized by Blend (and the flip side has some great stuff also). As a beginning guitarist it opened me up to open tunings and world music. He was totally ahead of his time,and tragically was not that appreciated and died too soon. I was fortunate to see him play once in San Francisco around 1974. I still listen to and enjoy that album to this day.

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