Lawr Michaels, Rest in Peace

On first meeting I remember his red Cons. Lawr looked at me and smiled like “Who are you, nice to meet you.” I said “You must like The Ramones.” That was that, we were friends, and we stayed friends for 20 years. I’ll take that to my own grave, and you will too if he was your friend. 

We also lost Steve Moyer this year. These two deaths brought home a lesson to me and I want to share it. As it happens, a few years ago Steve and Lawr had a falling out. They were both highly opinionated human beings and not shy about letting you know those opinions. Steve and Lawr disagreed on a lot and went at it often. At one point one of them crossed the line – actually since I heard both sides of the story I’d say they both crossed the line – and they stopped speaking. They were each royally pissed at the other and I’m sure I’m not the only one who got an earful from both of them. But the story has a happy ending: they reconciled and died as friends.

Bury the hatchet. Forgive each other, for we all need to be forgiven. Gonna miss you, brother Lawr.

7 thoughts on “Lawr Michaels, Rest in Peace

  1. I was thinking the same thing about that feud today. It wasn’t that it was silly, it wasn’t that it was profound, but it was about their core visions of the world and they fought with so much heart until their hearts recognized that what was unreconcilable wasn’t the important part.

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  3. I never met Lawr but if we had crossed path’s I know we would have been friends. The passion he had for baseball and music was great indeed. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and peers.

  4. This is Samantha, Steve’s fiance. I’m so sorry to hear about Lawr! I’m so sorry for all of you to lose two good friends in one year. Lawr sent me a number of kind and thoughtful emails after Steve passed. They were both incredibly unique men the likes of him you don’t meet often. My condolences to all of you.

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