Graham Parker and the Rumour, Mercury Poisoning

He’s pissed. The sound isn’t great, but the spirt is clear.

Here’s the original version. Better sound, and you can get the lyrics if you click through YouTube.

Looking at the picture sleeve, which I think I have a version of, the A-side was I Want You Back. How about that cover?



6 thoughts on “Graham Parker and the Rumour, Mercury Poisoning

  1. Killer cover, I like it better than the original. These songs about artists and their record companies – they make me feel like I’m in the middle of a family quarrel. Like I want to leave ans listen to obscure Roxy Music. This tune cracks me up every time. The flip side to the “Street Life” single, never on an album that I know of:

  2. I agree with Gene about artist-label feud songs, except Mercury Poisoning rocks. And watching some John Lydon interviews last night, that pre-twitter rebellion was braver and costlier than our reality world drama is today.

    Tom posts a great Parker R&B cover.

    The Brinsley Schwartz Band is the source for a lot of Brit music in the late 70s.

    Hula Kula and The Pride and the Pain are b-sides I’d covet if I was a Roxy Music aficionado. I’m not there yet tho I should be. But I put this stuff on a parallel with this Costello song from Alex Cox’s Central American western starring the Clash, Walker.

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