LINK: Scottish Pop at the National Museum

There’s a show about Scottish pop music showing up at National Museum of Scotland. If you were there, why wouldn’t you see it?

And if you’re not there, why wouldn’t you listen to the music? Which has always been really good.

So, go the museum. You certainly should. Or enjoy this:


Or this:

The Guardian is on it. Read this. 

One thought on “LINK: Scottish Pop at the National Museum

  1. This sounds like a fascinating exhibit. I know Britpop gets all the hoopla and I know some later Scottish acts were on Creation – but labels like Postcard and the like – were fantastic. A completely different vibe of music than I was used to at the time. I was lucky to live next to a kid from Scotland who would bring home Orange Juice albums – I never heard anything like that. I hope they also had a few clips of Teenage Fanclub who before was known as The Boy Hairdressers with the interesting single Golden Showers.

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