5 thoughts on “(How Little It Matters) How Little It Matters

  1. I know many people, including apparently Peter, who love Frank Sinatra. I am not one of them. I know, he’s got a great voice. But he loves it a little too much. He’s much better on uptempo stuff because he dosn’t get as much chance to stroke the words and imitate himself. All traces of barbarism removed – and even on the fast stuff Nelson Riddle’s arrangements provide more drama than Frank. And everything Sinatra did, Bing Crosby did first. Call me a Philistine but I’ll take Bobby Darin all day long.

    Of all the genres of music, jazz ballads do the least for me. I guess that’s a flaw in my sensibility but too bad. I can’t think of one jazz ballad I love and most I skip automatically. I mean, I think most country music and most rap is a joke, but I like SOME country songs and raps. I heard there is a genre called country-rap but I’m not brave enough to encounter it.

    • I’m more a fan of the Capitol records that Sinatra made with Nelson Riddle than a Sinatra fan. I think they’re full of terrific songs and amazing arrangements and playing, and he’s got an awfully good voice when he doesn’t ham it up.

      I know that when I was growing up, hearing those old guy singers on TV, they all seemed like caricatures, and in fact they’d appear as such in the Looney Tunes cartoons. Der Bingle et al were great musicians who became celebrities and personalities who made music. Sinatra, I think, got lucky with those Nelson Riddle years. It was a crowning achievement.

      In any case, I don’t know that much about all these singers and their histories to judge fairly, but I own the Sinatra Capitol Years box set and play it from time to time, so I know it best. And there are good jazz ballads, Gene! This isn’t Sinatra, but it’s one of the greats.


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