Jackie Wilson

The man died onstage. But he didn’t die, he was resuscitated and lived another nine years. Tragically, a lack of oxygen to his brain made him semi-comatose for those years. You don’t see his name much these days, or hear his music, so I thought I’d post some.

This song is also an example of what I mean when I contend that the Beatles did not invent sophistication in rocknroll. No doubt the Beatles knew his work. This is from 1958:


And check out this live performance. Mr. Excitement they called him, and Elvis himself copped some moves from Jackie. The band here is stiff compared to the record but the vocal is simply amazing.


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  1. I’m shocked we haven’t talked about Jackie Wilson before. I learned about him in the 70s, I’m sure filtered through Bruce or the Asbury Jukes, although not necessarily them. I’m not sure. But he and Little Willie John were regulars on my turntable back in those days. Entertainers, singers, rock stars really, just as rock was turning into mass media. Thanks Gene.

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