Weird Rolling Stones, Blow With Ry

What I didn’t know when I bought this sort-of Rolling Stones record a long time ago was that it was put out by an a-hole named Allen Klein, who had been the manager of the Stones, capitalizing on tapes he owned the rights to after they broke up.

What I did know when I bought this disk was that it was a pile of awfully good jamming by some awfully good musicians, even if it wasn’t at all polished or shaped. This, I thought, was musicians I liked playing what they wanted, and it sure was sweet.

I posted about It Hurts Me Too, that old Elmore James song, a few years ago, but tonight I found myself back here and this long jam is awfully good. Blow with Ry, because Keith was mad about having a great slide player come in. Okay.

One thought on “Weird Rolling Stones, Blow With Ry

  1. By the way, I think Cooder sets the tone on this elpee, but it is also a giant display of Jagger’s heart. If he didn’t have that heart, he wouldn’t be Jagger. This is great work by him on something that was off the books.

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