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  1. Except for the part where she gets Exile on Main Street totally wrong, her review of Some Girls is entertaining and observant. She tries to tackle whether Some Girls is the Stones’ punk album, but misses the idea that it is also their disco album. At the time, hard rock and dance sounds were in the city. And while the pure punk impulse obliterates R ‘n’ B, the Stones could never do that. So their stripped down punk sound is different. But the Shattered she loves is a nod to the raw. She sure gets that right. Miss You is definitely a nod to the street disco going on, but I think she’s right it does also link to that great Stones’ longform boogie Going Home. Let’s play that.


  2. Thanks, Peter, hadn’t heard it in a while. Yes, I scolded AltRockChick for Exile. As for the punk/disco thing, the Stones always followed the trends. “Tell Me” is a pop song like “Be My Baby” or “Not a Second Time. They did Motown songs as well as Chicago blues. They did country songs and folky things And the obligatory psychedelic album, although actually Between the Buttons is a psychedelic album too, their answer to Revolver. They dabbled with the best of them AND could play the blues. More in that vein:

  3. A Stones fave for me. Always reminds me what an effective harp player Jagger is. I especially like that the lyrics sound sort of lascivious, but are pretty much gibberish with geography.

  4. Yes. although “land on me tonight” is unambiguous in both geography and lasciviousness. Charlie kicks ass in this and Brian is nowhere to be heard, or I can’t hear him anyway.

  5. Definitely could be Liza, with an L.

    That’s right about Brian, but this show was a shitstorm of conflict. I don’t remember the details, but I think everyone was mad by the end. But there was also great mixing up of the talent, and good performances. (When I was a kid I would have killed to see it. Having seen it, I’m glad I didn’t. But I’m glad I saw it.)

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