Because the Night

The story I remember is that Patti Smith was recording in the same studio as Bruce Springsteen, she heard this song and put out her own version. Without approval, just hijacked it.

I’ve read Bruce’s autobiography and Patti Smith’s books and I don’t know what the truth is. Maybe I knew once, but now, I like my memory. What I do know is that this is one of the Boss’s best songs. And one of Patti’s best songs. It has become a collaboration.

So, today I was listening to the Screaming Females, a New Jersey band who have made seven albums. I don’t know that much about them, but as a rock band they’re pushing a big rock up a steep hill.

And I stumbled upon their collaboration with 90’s indie band Garbage on a cover of the Boss’s song.

It’s still a good song, but I don’t know. This makes me want to hear Patti and her group.


7 thoughts on “Because the Night

  1. Interesting.

    I’m the least Springsteeny here, and therefore the least qualified to comment, but I can easily think of three or five Bruce songs right off the top of my head that I think are better than “Because” (not “Dancing In The Dark” or “Glory Days” either). Maybe it’s some particular magic in the lyrics I’m missing.

    As for that Garbage/Screaming Females supergroup (are Females better at screaming than Trees?), I would call them Supershit -5.

  2. I must insist that I am the least Springsteeny here. I could barely fill an album side with the songs of his that I like. I remember when he was one of the New Dylan’s, I remember when he was Rocknroll Future, and I sure remember walking through Grand Central Station and seeing his mug on the covers of both Time and Newsweek. I don’t remember thinking at the time that there is no need for conspiracies when everyone thinks the same things. But I should have. And I can’t help it: when I think of New Jersey I think of New York or Philadelphia. Bruce, this is how it’s done. Pay attention to the drums and the sax. And the singing:


    • Stupid I know, but couldn’t stop thinking of “Monster Mash.”

      Though the bobbin’ in the background kept my attention for sure.

  3. The clip is from Hullabaloo or Shindig. I can’t tell ’em apart anymore although I’ve heard that the bands actually played on one but not the other. This is clearly the other. I was about 10 or 11 when both were on. Those dancers. That blond is rocknroll to her toes.

  4. First off, F Quincy Jones.

    Those Beatles are quite a bunch of up-and-comers, ain’t they? Half expected Paul to uncork a “Look out!” during “Kansas City.”

    Still weirded-out with this TV live/recorded thing. First noticed Ringo really babying the drums. Compare this to, for example, some clips from the recent “Eight Days A Week” doc in which he’s bashing with the best of them. Maybe the acoustics of live TV just didn’t/don’t work with full-out drums.

    But most puzzling to me is this – watch the very end to George’s guitar solo in “Boys.” The sound is a little note-by-note down-the-neck run. But clearly in the video he’s playing a chord.


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