Sturgill Simpson, You Can Have the Crown/Some Days

A few years ago I heard about this country songwriter named Sturgill Simpson. In recent years what I’ve heard from him has been clever and smarty, and not that interesting.

But this clip, from 2014, is surely the reason folks have been talking about all his talent. This is good stuff, if you like this stuff.


4 thoughts on “Sturgill Simpson, You Can Have the Crown/Some Days

  1. I urge you no I implore you to give his albums a chance. Listen to them front to back as they have concepts. The first is more of a straight country album though (these songs are on there). The second is an ode to psychedelics and the metaphysical and the third is a message to his son. He’s well versed in rock and it shines through the sweet layers of country beauty.

  2. Okay, I’ll be more systematic. Not sure I’ve heard the message to his son, but the second album is the one that lost me. Not terrible in any way, but as I said, more smarty (it seemed) than accomplished. But I could be wrong, and will try again.

  3. I’m listening to these two cuts again, and I love the playing, but Sturgill’s whining is pretty shitty. Even when he makes it rhyme and clever. Was the theme of his first elpee ressentiment?

  4. Haven’t been doing the country thing anytime lately (blame bro country), but since Remnants has been mostly idle the past week, I decided to finally check this out.


    This pretty much blew me away. Very Waylon – and that’s some of the best country ever. Very traditional outlaw country – and that’s some of the best country ever.

    Would do today’s country a big favor if every poseur with a Johnny Cash shirt would check this out, and springboard into a deeper outlaw country dig.

    Makes total sense to me now why my Waylon post from a little while back was completely ignored. Perhaps it’s time I take a little diversion from rock for a while.

    Thank you from Steve to Steve.

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