Isley Brothers, Summer Breeze

I was in a bar tonight with my friend Herrick. The bar is new, it’s called Bierwax. Bad name, right? Here’s a link to their facebook page:

What they do is sell 12 draft beers from local breweries you can’t get anywhere else. That’s the bier part. Plus a couple of handfuls of bottles, cans, and big bottles of craft beers.

They also have thousands of vinyl elpees on the wall behind the bar, and two DJ turntables on the back shelf. That’s the wax part.

No requests, it says plainly on the shelves of vinyl, and you can’t see what they have. So, you could say, Counting Crows please? And they would mock you.

Or rather, they would be as nice as they are, and they wouldn’t play any Counting Crows.

In any case, this tune came on at some point, and we were talking and didn’t hear the intro and the rather signature guitar line. Catching up in the middle, four plus minutes in, it gets wild enough you hope Seals and Crofts never heard it.

6 thoughts on “Isley Brothers, Summer Breeze

  1. 1) This Isley Brothers version is pretty good, but Seals and Crofts own this song.

    2) Just kidding.

    3) If I was to open a bar tomorrow, it would be called “Beer And A Shot.” The only items on the menu would be Pabst Tall Boys ($3) and shots of Jack ($3). Both for $5. I actually feel bad for liking craft beers these days. Kinda had my fill of white guys with faschie haircuts and giant beards.

  2. The bartender at Bierwax was kind of a surfer dude, but knew his beer. The vibe was cool, lots of gals and couples, and before the Isleys he played the Doobie Brothers greatest hits, which is not great music, but it is find noise in a bar.

    My wife was at a meeting in Philly this week and said anywhere along the parade route you could buy a Bud Lite and get a gratis shot in the street. More likely Heaven Hill than Jack, but that’s okay.

    She was impressed with all the Iggles fans hooting and strolling with open Bud Lites (seems to be the drink of the Eagles) at 8 am.

    The notable beer I tried at Bierwax was Bridge and Tunnel’s Varanasi Chai Stout. Dark as night, and full of licorice and tea instead of the expected coffee and chocolate. Weird, and tasty, and a world of different from a PBR (which is perfectly fine).

    I don’t do the numbering thing, but if you have a place called Beer and Shot, you should also have an oven to heat up pigs in a blanket and fried mozzarella sticks.

    Popcorn, too, with real butter, because it shouldn’t all be LCD.

    • Despite my growing internal conflict, I’ll admit I like craft beers as much as the next guy. But although I’ve seen you with several different hair and facial hair styles, if you show up at TOUT with a faschie and giant beard I’m gonna scream. The faschie doesn’t go well with our surnames either; people might get the wrong impression.

      Wouldn’t mind seeing you with a Jay Jaffe 70’s porno moustache though.

    • It’s Richard Spencer’s old hairdo – very short on the sides, slicked and combed over on top. (I think even he abandoned it when it got too popular.) Google it for all kinds of nastiness on its origins.

      The model craft beer drinker is a white guy in his 20s or 30s with a faschie and a giant beard. And tattoos. (Forgot about the tattoos until now.) I doubt there’s any connection between the craft beer stuff and the faschie origins, just innocent trendy ignorance.

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