4 thoughts on “Ron Gallo, Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me

  1. Gives me hope. Certainly a billion times better than the shite that won most of the Grammys.

    Funny, the rock that my 15-year-old and her crew like is always this overly-talky style. Must be a thing.

    Funny also, I was just thinking of this song yesterday for reasons I know not why, which reminds me a little of “Young Lady.”


  2. Yeah, I like this, nice guitar and feel. Is it just me or is even the good new rockroll a bit slow?

    I always thought the 13th Floor Elevators were overrated, although since they were Arthur Kane’s favorite band I could be wrong. Now the Chocolate Watchband, there was a band. I like the Hellacopters’ version of A Cold Night for Alligators better, and I like this LA Stones version of the Kinks better too:

  3. I misheard a line in this song but I think it’s better than the real line: “I don’t think that I’m divine like everybody else.”

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