2 thoughts on “Caroline Rose, Soul No. 5

  1. Nah. Too much hip hop influence and keyboards for me. Reminds me a little of that Flying Lizards “Money” cover from years ago.

  2. Aw, lighten up. Yes, lots of hip hop play, but hip hop is where the money is at.

    After posting this I went back to her first album and it is totally different. And not bad, but rootsy.
    No hip hop. (Actually, the album is much less interesting than this Tiny Desk show from 2015, which has both going on, but not the antic pixie humor.)


    So Soul No. 5 may be a commercial move. But I like it.

    The b-side of Soul No. 5 is a song called Money. It won’t change your mind about Caroline Rose, it isn’t something to listen to a second time, but it isn’t soul-less. Or ignorant. That counts for something.


    And while her history contrasts her Tiny Desk show mien to the goofiness of the recent videos. No way I say someone has to stay the same, but the change raises some issues that should be talked about.

    But only if anyone else cares. I care. She’s got me, at least a little.

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