8 thoughts on “Not Swing/Swing

  1. a) Interesting how Western the North Korean military music is. And it really doesn’t match the discipline of the troops or the scene. There’s something wrong with the video…

    b) It is a great solo but it’s a lot better scattered over 20 songs. One big lump is not the way to hear the Chuck Berry Book of Riffs.

    c) Bye Bye Johnny is one of my Top 3 Chuckster tunes. The others are You Never Can Tell and School Days/No Particular Place To Go. My favorite cover of a Chuck Berry song is this:

    • Agree totally about how many solos it is, crammed into one. But I’m not complaining. It’s pretty charming.

      Great Stones clip. Really great! Jagger could really shimmy his legs.

      As for the Korean March music, yes, the music seems alien. And western. It almost certainly isn’t what they’re marching to. But they’re marching. And not swinging.

    • 1) Camper Van Beethoven did a song called “Where The Hell Is Bill?”

      2) Never seen Keith so animated. Forgive my ignorance, but he doesn’t often play a Les Paul either – true or false?

      3) No matter how good Stones live videos are (old and new), they always sound so damn thin to me. What’s my problem?

      4) Rock ‘n’ roll!!!

  2. I notice that Brian keeps looking at his amp like nothing is coming out. I sure can’t hear him. No, Keith didn’t often play a Les Paul. My understanding is that they were rare in England, at least in 1964-65, when this was recorded. Brian’s teardrop guitar was some brand I forget but everyone says they were really shitty.

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