Roxy Music

We’ve talked about them but not enough. They’re every bit as good the Beatles and the Stones and the Dolls and Howlin Wolf. The truest mark of greatness is that it keeps revealing. As it happens I have a dead speaker, which means I only hear one channel. Listening to Roxy with only one channel is amazing. What a band, including every single bass player, and there’s a different great one on every album. I mean, check out the bass on this, not to mention everything else. I also believe that Ferry writes lyrics to match anyone’s, including this song if only because he’s “growing potatoes by the score.”


One thought on “Roxy Music

  1. Roxy is a great band that I love and believe are highly underrated. But “up there” with the Beatles and Stones…? I don’t know. But let’s focus on where we agree. Roxy Music was a great band. My favorite (and a former SotW) is

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