Songs that immediately clicked

That’s what Lawr posted about. I’m with him on Locomotion. Here’s his post about songs that grabbed him immediately. That’s a great idea, and I’m with him on Complete Control, maybe the greatest of the great Clash’s cuts.

I think he’s out of his mind on the Peter Gabriel, but that isn’t my call. What is my call is this is No. 1, without a doubt. Changed my life. Really.

But the Beatles were huger.


6 thoughts on “Songs that immediately clicked

  1. I can still recite all the words. For sure (actually, that is not such a big deal).

    What is there not to love about Modern Love and rhyming “freezer” with “Mona Lisa.” brilliant. funny too.

    But. gimme more, Peter. I want more faves.

  2. Okay, opening my mind expanse, and scanning for the songs that gave me boners, mental (and I don’t really want to imagine what that is) or priapic (and I know what that is and you really shouldn’t think about it), in my developing years.

    Songs that killed me:

    Good Vibrations, Beach Boys: Driving in a convertible down the twisty road to the beach at Little Africa.

    Spiders and Snakes, Jim Stafford: Same place! I think a different year, but I’d have to look it up. An amazing song, a one-hit wonder type thing I think.

    Ballad of the Green Berets, Sgt Barry Stafford: In the street in front of my house. I could not have imagined the moment before I heard it how I felt after it.

    I Think We’re Alone Now, Tommie James and the Shondells: I think this is one of the greatest songs of all time. It has a great beat and a tension between innocence and modestly doing it that is perfectly balanced. Perfect for fourth graders and 40 years olds. Just kidding.

    Okay, those are young songs. Here’s a few from high school:

    Stevie Wonder, Superstition

    Kool and the Gang, Wild and Peaceful

    Jackson Browne, These Days (but I later found and prefer the Nico version)

    Chaka Khan and Rufus, Tell Me Something Good

    Luther Ingram, If Loving You Is Wrong

    Not a complete list.

    By the way, my favorite TV show was Lost in Space. One of the funniest childhood moments was finding a letter from my friend Reynold’s sister to the producers of Lost in Space, asking for a role, even if it was as a plant!

    • Funny. Apparently “Green Berets” as the coolest song in the minds of little boys wasn’t just limited to my neighborhood. (Topping even “Snoopy And The Red Baron.”)

      What would we say if a similar song was released today?

  3. We covered Green Berets in my 6th grade band, The Mother’s Image. I’m going to do a list of grabber songs but I’m super busy today. Doing the final mix on “My World is Empty Without You,” which I will post tonight.

    One comes right to mind: Shake Some Action. That killer riff still gets me:

  4. I love Shake Some Action, and wish the Biletones would cover it. It has been discussed.

    But, remember, I was a 15-year old hippie kid when Green Berets came out and i despised the whole war shit (still do). I had a draft number of 10 during the lottery and had to go for a physical, even.

    Remember guys, I set up a category (You Really Got Me) for these songs if you want to post separate.

    But, I remembered this one while listening to some other shit. Came blasting out of our little white Packard Bell AM radio that also broadcast Giants games, and under the right circumstances I could get the Dodgers.

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