5 thoughts on “The Best Band in the World

  1. I hadn’t heard of them but can see from a little research that they’ve been around for a long time. Do you have a favorite album?

  2. Probably “Happy Bivouac” although My Foot and Little Busters are right up there. I count five great songs and no bad songs.

  3. “The Best Band In The World” is a toughie, because ultimately it comes down to genre and personal taste. Apples to oranges is always a tough comparison. I could cite bands I think are better to me, but what would that prove?

    Enough bullshit.

    This is very good, but not the best for me. Just a little too poppy, I guess. I like a lot of what goes into it though.

    Further comments:

    1) I know you’ve presented The Raveonettes here before, but I don’t know that much about them.

    2) Social Distortion has always been a big disappointment for me. They’ve never pulled me in, although they certainly turn the crank of a lot of folks. I only really know the very early stuff. They probably have a million albums out at this point.

    3) Saw Bryan Ferry for the first time ever within the past five years. It was a good show, but he’s kind of subdued at this point. Sure wish I’d have seen early Roxy, not that I don’t like a lot of the later Ferry solo stuff and, especially, his covers.

    4) More than anything else, it strikes me that bands like The Pillows can pack giant arenas in far away lands, just like some of my faves. The USA is a big musical suck right now.

  4. Thanks, Lawr. Dig in, they are prolific.

    Steve, I was OK with but never thrilled by Social D until I saw them live and up close about five years ago. They blew me away with how much they put out. All the bands they’ve been compared to and no one that I know ever brought up the most obvious comp to me: Creedence,

    Yes, I do like my noise with tunes in their somewhere. I guess that means pop. Here are the Raveonettes getting really noisy at the end.

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