6 thoughts on “Nick Lowe, I Knew The Bride (When She Used to Rock ‘n’ Roll)

  1. A great tune, and another Biletones have taken a stab at.

    But..when Diane and I got married just about a year ago, Di wanted a DJ (ugh, make the bride happy). The guy we had sucked, playing sappy shit and Journey despite explicit instructions to play none!

    Well, when actually dancing began, we each made a request: Diane wanted Surfin’ Bird, and I wanted I Knew the Bride, Fucking DJ never played either. Waste of money, DJ’s are.

  2. I love Nick, and he was charming as hell tonight. He favored the more recent smarmy songs, which are really good. But despite impressive professionalism, the show fell flat. The super slow What’s So Funny encore, was perfect, but a less than rock ‘n’ rolly I know the Bride missed the point.

    I was happy to imagine better versions I’d heard before, but at some point every rock n roller is a better signpost for our past than a beacon for our future.

    • I do think it helps to catch artists on the way up instead of on the way down.

      My plans are to see Greta Van Fleet in Wilkes-Barre in August and Ruby The Hatchet in Philly in September and I’ll be surprised if they disappoint.

      Ticket prices are definitely better on the way up too.

  3. Well, this show was free, which doesn’t change the aesthetic judgment, but made for a very enjoyable night anyway. I didn’t comment on Los Straightjackets, who served as Lowe’s backing band and performed a fantastically entertaining short set of their own. They famously wear luchador masks and suits when they play, all instrumentals of the surf rock variety, with plenty of goofy schtick when on their own. As Lowe’s backing band they’re solid, workmanlike, without the wildness, which is too bad, too. Or maybe part of the problem. Last time I saw Lowe he was equally charming, but his band was solidly rocking the whole time. It was a better fit.

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