Song of the Week – I’ve Found Someone of My Own, Smoked Sugar


Today’s SotW is another installment in my “Rare Record Series.” It is “I’ve Found Someone of My Own” from the self-titled soul classic by Smoked Sugar.

Smoked Sugar was a 70’s soul/R&B group in the style of their contemporaries, The Chi-Lites. Their 1975 album received favorable critical notices but never connected with the music buying public. Why, I don’t understand.

“I’ve Found Someone of My Own” is a remake of the 1971 hit by the Free Movement. But where the Free Movement’s version had a dinner club feel (smooth with flute accompaniment) Smoked Sugar’s take is a grittier, southern soul take – like a lost Al Green cut. It’s wonderful!

The vinyl album is still pretty rare and commands prices from $16-50 on Discogs, though prices have come down since the record was released on CD in 2012.

Enjoy… until next week.

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