Japandroids, “The House That Heaven Built”

I do like my Spofity shuffle and mixes because they do indeed jumble eras and genres up, although the band in question here is one our friend, Kyle Elfrink, of Sirius/XM, another baseball/music junkie, turned me onto.

They would be the Japandroids. And, Kyle was right, for I like them having added a couple of their discs to my continually growing Playlist. Which means their stuff pops up out of nowhere, which is good fun.

This tune crushes it for me. You?

4 thoughts on “Japandroids, “The House That Heaven Built”

  1. Great song, love the tune, the playing, and the sound. It reminds me of this from one of my faves.

  2. Another in the growing trend of guitar and drum duos (White Stripes, Black Keys) that really rock! Good stuff.

  3. I read good things a while ago about Japandroids (I like the name) and kind of remember checking them out. I’ve been sort of developing a prejudice against the guitar/drum duo thing for some reason. In a good way, they remind me somewhat of this band, who I like a whole lot. Spending more time, perhaps I’d have found a better song match. Sorry, my links from the Comments section don’t flesh out for some reason.


  4. Nice. Catchy and tight.

    1. The drummer is money.
    2. Singer should keep his shirt on.
    3. One guitar player IS WEARING EARPLUGS.
    4. The audience should be sprayed with a fire extinguisher. For, like, irony.

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