J. Geils Blues Band Loses J. Geils

John Miller came into the lunch room at Smithtown Central and said something like, I’ve got the new Rolling Stones. What he meant was he’d heard the J. Geils Band’s first album.

It turns out that the J. Geils Band wasn’t the new Stones, the Stones themselves were just escalating into an incredible streak of great music, but the J. Geils Band was great fun. Especially before they became sexy hitmakers. Good for them to make the money, but the love was in those early cuts, like this one.

2 thoughts on “J. Geils Blues Band Loses J. Geils

  1. I am the Big M. So dubbed by Tom Alcott in 1971 and to this day, but I must admit it came from here. These motherfuckers played some rocknroll. RIP J Geils.

  2. A good friend in college (1972) turned me on to “Full House” which was a go-to party record for years. Later, I heard the two Bluestimes albums, done with vintage instruments and amps, and still love them. Lots of changes over the years (check out Monkey Island), despite the pop of “Centerfold” and others. (Also, I was always amazed/jealous that lead singer Peter wolf was married to Faye Dunaway for two years.) RIP, Jay.

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