Chuck Berry Is On Top

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Dick Clark introduces an appearance by Berry promoting this album and stumbles over the title, with the audience tittering at the double entendre. Really?

It is 1959, and, as Clark mentions, this is an album that has on it Carol, Maybelline, Johnny B. Goode, Roll Over Beethoven, Little Queenie and many more.

Those were the days of album oriented rock. Not.

It’s an incredible trove, not a greatest hits album, that the Rolling Stones particularly mined for their early (and later) setlists.

Berry, of course, looks right at home playing along to this other cut, Back in the USA, that is also on Chuck Berry is on Top, with the totally white and polite audience clapping along.



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  1. I have this on vinyl. My father used to go to garage sales every Saturday searching for old jazz records, and every Christmas I’d get about 50 albums that he thought I might like. About 80% were junk (100% to him) but I got some great ones and this is one. They really helped me in doing my homework on 1950’s stuff that I was born too late for – Bo Diddley, Wynonie Harris, the 5 Royales, even the great Ronnettes album (featuring Veronica). Thank you, Dad.

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