The Chuckster Passes On

He took the jazz/R&B stylings of T-Bone Walker and invented a new guitar style that IS rocknroll. He turned the whole concept of “authenticity” on its ear fifteen years before it reared its misguided head, by writing perfect vignettes of white middle class teenagers as a 30-year old black man. He was sometimes bitter and sometimes difficult and had good reasons for both, but he always got his due and always will. And check out this smoking drummer, who I’d give his due if I only knew who  he was. Bye bye.

3 thoughts on “The Chuckster Passes On

  1. I think it was Fred Bellows who also drummed with Little Walker and the Four Aces. He was a jazz drummer first – I don’t think he was on any of Berry’s post-prison albums. I think that was Odie Payne.

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