4 thoughts on “Drink to the Dead

  1. Great cut Gene. There is this quality to your voice that just fucking gets me.

    I need to come there for a week and we book studio time and just play and fuck around and record shit, maybe pick out 20 tuned so we know em ahead and then see what we come up with? I could bring hofner, Riki, and my acoustic. What fun.

  2. Definitely. I would love to get Steve out here too. We could do some good stuff. I’m doing one of mine with the girls next, called Ghost Love. The music is all done with Bill on drums, but we have to wait until April because the studio is booked full. That place is a scene, many talented people coming and going. After Ghost Love, I’m working on a very cool version of My World is Empty Without You Babe – I’ve got the guitars sounding like elephants in heat.

    But I like your idea, pick some tunes that we like and see what works best. Steve, any chance you can come out for a long weekend in the summer? Peter, you can come too and do the handclaps.

    So whaddya wanna do?

  3. Was just gonna say, due to my shitty computer speakers, I can’t really hear what’s going on here all that well. Obviously the words are very important to this song and I can’t hear them.

    As for this summer, my life is shaping up, but I don’t know that I’m to the point of midsummer vacations to hack around musically yet. Really feel glad and fortunate I’ll be getting to LABR and TOUT this year.

    Baby steps.

  4. Well that sucks that you can’t hear it. I know it so it’s hard to judge, and the mix is trebly on purpose, but I can hear it on my computer (where the bass is always weak) and in my car.

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