Breakfast Blend: This Land is Our Land

OCertainly the political climate in our country these days is contentious to say the least.  Although, within the construct of our politics, it is funny to me what hypocrites Americans–especially the right–can be.

For example, our “so-called president” stated pretty emphatically that had he been president, the issues with the Flint Michigan water system never would have happened. I am not exactly sure how he would have prevented any of this since initially it was local and state politics, but, well, the “orangutan” seems to say that no matter what he does or would have done, it always works out perfectly.

But, now the same orangutan has a chance to prove his words by intervening in the Keystone Pipeline, yet he could not be more hands off, proving again the right is interested in saying anything, and that money rules everything.

Perhaps this is exemplified no more than by the exclusion of Woody Guthrie from the Country Music Hall of Fame. Certainly Woody’s politics were in the face of the right, for he wrote This Land is Your Land as a response to God Bless America, and of course, his guitar was famous for espousing his humanistic views.

Since the Country Hall represents a more conservative side of the music industry, Woody rankled enough to be kept out–at least thus far–of the Hall which is extra hypocritical considering the number of artists who gained fame by recording his songs like Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad, Deportees and Pretty Boy Floyd to name a few outside of This Land.

But, there is such a strong tradition of protest songs within the Country umbrella, however, that it is hard for me to reconcile how two-faced this stuff is.

For example, there is the great John Prine song, Paradise:

Or even more recently, this wonderful Drive By Truckers song of the same ilk, Uncle Frank:

Maybe one day when the Country Hall of Fame, and even our country, recognize the core of American values within the songs of Guthrie and his brethren things will change, but it is more likely that marketing Woody, and making a lot of money off his name would be the real reason.

7 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend: This Land is Our Land

  1. Speaking of hypocrisy, Woody Guthrie’s guitar stopped killing facsists on the very day that Stalin signed his pact with Hitler. As ALWAYS with the Left, some oppressions – the ones on the Left – are covered up or ignored to death. And this is maybe the best example: every schoolgirl knows that Hitler killed 6 million Jews, but maybe 1% of them know that Stalin killed at least 20 million and probably 30 million.

  2. No question Stalin was evil and the left has a romanticized idea of communism which did, in the Marx/Engel sense, determine that violent overthrow was necessary and human casualty part of the equation.

    That said, Woody was right and fascists are bad and not who we want as our leaders. And, the main thrust was for equality.

    The far left can be crazy, but right now the middle right is. That is scary.

    PS: may you can tell the orangutan and his buds just how dangerous Putin and his mates are? He will make mincemeat of the orangutan and Russia’s economy sucks so not the guys to play with in the sandbox. They are as dangerous as Stalin while China just wants to make money.

  3. Thank you for your measured response, Lawr. I agree, Putin and his mates are very dangerous. I don’t know that there is any solution for our current mess, but I have suggested one possibility in the past: a Left/Right coalition on two issues and two issues only: 1) stop the endless wars and occupations, and 2) end corporate welfare. It might be impossible to realize either of these goals much less both, but if we don’t it’s over anyway. And the breakup of the U.S. is unlikely to be peaceful or pleasant.

  4. As much as I admire John Lewis him calling the orangutan illegitimate is no different than the orangutan calling Obama illegitimate.

    Gandhi said you have to change men’s hearts, not their minds. Until we work collectively in that “naive” vein we will get nowhere.

    However, for example, the right accusing the left of being obstructionist after the last eight years of road blocks is beyond laughable. And the right pulls this shit a lot more than the left.

    Irrespective, it is criminal Woody is not in the country hall.

  5. I forgot to post a song. It was early, I wasn’t awake yet. I will keep repeating myself, and maybe all you Lefties will begin to realize it, now that it might be turned on you: the problem is power itself. It not only corrupts, it will be abused wherever it rears its ugly fist.

  6. Why is it the right doesn’t seem to get the left understands the new boss is the old boss. And, well, the orangutan was elected with the idea that he had new ideas, which are really old ones and smack in the face of the system of government we have. At least when he tries to emasculate the court system by belittling with judges who disagree with the so-called president’s extensive legal training.

    I mean, Gene, if you are a conservative, and like a strong central leader, then you would have been a Tory and against the Sons of Liberty were we living 250 years ago, right?

    But, there is a fairer means of the distribution of food and wealth and health we prefer. And, Obama did push for that and shock, our economy did better. In California with Jerry B II we are in the black thanks to those stupid liberal policies, and we are the fifth least dependent upon the Feds among the 50 states. We (the state of CA) also have the sixth largest GDP in the world, so we must be doing something right.

    I am with you as far as reducing military spending around the world as well as controlling financial institutions and ending corporate welfare as you call it. There is still plenty of money there for us to live well and spread it around even.

    And, well, I have lived long enough, and been in the corporate and IT worlds (over 40 years) to understand every new solution creates new unforeseen problems, and that each generation thinks it has all the answers from both sides of the aisle.

    That said, things could be fairer. That said we could utilize and respect the system set up by, uh, a bunch of left wingers at the time.

  7. Of course I would have been with the Sons of Liberty, for that is what I believe in. That makes me an old school liberal. Non-utopian, for “utopia” is the Ancient Greek word for “nowhere.” I believe progress is possible, but it’s slow and fitful and always depends on, as you say, changing hearts.

    As far as unforeseen problems created by new solutions: exactly. When that is true of specific solutions to specific problems, it is exponentially more true when attempting absurdities like “managing” an economy. No one has one one-millionth of the knowledge necessary to do this. To pretend otherwise is monumental hubris. I mean, how close do we come with baseball, which is a closed system (not quite)? Intelligent, qualified experts make ridiculously wrong decisions all the time. Of course I do not exclude myself.

    Real estate values in Colorado are skyrocketing as people pour in from California. I question data that contradicts people votiing with their feet.

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