Ten Most Lasting Albums From Your Teen Years (per Lawr)

Peter put up a great post here, and Steve responded with a cool list. I am, I believe, the oldest (Steve is still the most curmudgeonly, though) so my teen years halt at 1972 meaning Brit Pop and Psychedelia ruled my adolescene.

My list:

  1. Tommy, The Who. Boy did I relate, especially as a misunderstood, chronically sick kid who saw things differently than seemingly everyone else around me.
  2. Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake, Small Faces. A killer bit of British psychedelics, packaged way weirdly, and displaying maybe the best band of instrumental players ever who were in a single band Steve Marriott went on to Humble Pie, Ronnie Lane recorded with many including Pete Townshend’s early solo stuff, Ian McLaghlen played all over including with the Stones, Kenny Jones was the Who drummer after Keith Moon, and Ronnie Wood? Duh.
  3. Cheap Thrills, Big Brother. Live garage rock at its very best. These guys are so fucking tight it is scary
  4. Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan. A seminal part of my life: I listened to it every night as I went to sleep for two years.
  5. In Search of the Lost Chord, Moody Blues. My foray to prog rock, and since my parents drilled classical music into me early on this was the perfect synthesis. And, it still sounds good to me.
  6. Otis Live in Europe, Otis Redding. With Cheap Thrills, 801 Live, Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East, this is maybe the best live album ever.
  7. The White Album, Beatles. Man, all over the map. When I was a little older than my Blonde on Blonde days, I would listen to this (like Cheap Thrills) on my headphones, at night, as I was going to sleep. So interesting and all over the place for maybe the most creative band ever.
  8. Surrealistic Pillow, Jefferson Airplane. I remember the day I bought it, and where I bought it. Still kills and is so sophisticated for such a young band.
  9. Moby Grape, Moby Grape. Too bad these guys couldn’t hold up. As noted, one of two Peter (my asshole brother, not my mate the wonderful Mr. Kreutzer) dissed.
  10. The Doors, The Doors. The other the bro dissed, and one I listened to every time I put a stack on the spindle.I will always wonder if the Doors were really a great band, but no question this is a great album.

3 thoughts on “Ten Most Lasting Albums From Your Teen Years (per Lawr)

  1. Don’t know a lot about a lot of this, so just a few ignorant comments:

    1) Sometimes I wish I’d have known Dylan when he was the coolest, newest, most innovative thing on the planet. Too easy for me now to just lean on covers and not have to deal with the voice.

    2) I know the White Album but I like earlier Beatles better. My faves are the transitional Rubber Soul and Revolver (now there’s an original thought), but if they’re the dividing line I prefer the earlier to the latter.

    3) The rest I don’t know well. It will be an interesting list to hit when I need new music (to me, anyway) and am dry for new ideas (happens a lot).

  2. The White Album dusted me because of the breadth and variety. Plus, it was great on phones (so is Abbey Road, which I think is among the most beautiful albums ever recorded). I am not sure I love the White more than Abbey, or Revolver, or Rubber Soul, but it sure influenced me more.

    If you don’t know Ogden’s, Steve, Side 1 will kill you. Side 2 is a great story song that i like a lot, but side one, with Rene, Afterglow, Songs from a Baker, and Lazy Sunday is a monster.

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