Mainland, Leave the Lights On

Very Strokes-ish, which means it sounds pretty good. It’s two years old, and would be a welcome sound on the radio. On the other hand, could there be a worse band name than Mainland?

Listening to other tunes, they are pretty good at mining the same commercial rock vein as the Strokes, but the rhythm section doesn’t hit quite as hard, and the songs aren’t quite as good. And the arrangements can veer toward, ugh, the commercial crap we try to avoid (and ambitious rockers sell their souls to achieve).

But this one just dropped, and apart from the fake English accent it’s pretty jangly and rocking.


4 thoughts on “Mainland, Leave the Lights On

  1. Not bad but you’re right, the rhythm section ain’t so hit. I’ve posted this band before, their killer “Science in Violence,” but this is a great album too. What seperates them from the run of the mill commercial rock is that 1) they really do rock, 2) good lyrics, and 3) melodies. The whole Great Escape album is worthwhile and here is the title track:

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